At Happy Belly Gardening, we recognize that it can take a village to raise a gardener. We're here to help.

I'm Bethany. I am an experienced vegetable grower, both as a community gardener and an organic farmer. 

My growing experience began in 2007 as an apprentice on a vegetable farm and orchard in the high desert of western Colorado. The following year I moved to Massachusetts and worked as an apprentice and an Assistant Farm Manager at Heirloom Harvest Community Farm in Westborough. There, I welcomed and worked alongside volunteers of all ages, from 5 through adult.

For several years before giving birth to my son, I managed a Community Supported Agriculture program at Farmer Dave's in Dracut. 

Currently, I am a community gardener with Mill City Grows in Lowell, and I grow at home in containers. In the Mill City Grows community garden, I've won gardener awards for largest variety of produce grown, most produce harvested by weight, and most beautiful garden. I also worked with Mill City Grows as an Afterschool Educator in the Lowell Public Schools, where I taught gardening and cooking to students in grades 1-6.

My gardening experience was hard-won. Even though I had worked on farms for several years and knew a lot about growing rows and rows of vegetables, my first three garden attempts were unsuccessful. It turns out that growing in a home or school garden is very different from growing on a large scale. I needed to learn different techniques and most of all, have patience and the willingness to try again.

Now, I'm here to support you as a gardener, so you grow a satisfying food garden with fewer bumps in the road.



Happy Belly Gardening works with remote clients, as well as in-person clients in the greater Lowell, MA area, including:

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